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Meet Dr. Alexander Zubkov, Integrative Neurology

Alexander Zubkov, MD, PhD, is a board-certified neurologist who has been practicing medicine for over two decades and functional medicine for over a decade. 

Dr. Zubkov possesses an extensive education, which includes a doctorate in human physiology, focusing in the areas of functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and physical exercise. He believes every person is unique and thus requires a tailored approach to the management of their chronic disease. The answer, however, is not for any patient to use multiple supplements and/or drugs to treat their chronic illness or disease as this typically yields no resolution.

Dr. Zubkov provides a personalized combination of environmental changes with a correction of biochemistry and metabolism based on laboratory and environmental testing.

About Our Services

100% Virtual

We work with people from across the globe to guide show them on how best correct their environment, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition


Our approach is not a one fits all model. It is, however based on your response, individual story and advanced laboratory data

Advanced  Laboratory Testing

We conduct the most advanced assessments which include food intolerance, gut biome, cellular metabolism, and others

Dr. Zubkov's Approach

Dr. Zubkov believes that we are facing an epidemic of unhealthy lifestyles and environments, but there is hope for change. You have the power to make positive changes in your life, and it doesn't have to be a sacrifice of joy and fun. With one voice and one mind, we can learn to eat real food, exercise, and rest to achieve radiant health.

While crisis care is excellent in acute cases, the current model of healthcare fails in preventing and treating chronic diseases. However, since the early 90s, there has been a wealth of rock-solid studies proving that many chronic illnesses are preventable. The problem is that the abundance of information can lead to confusion, without the specific context for each individual.

Dr. Zubkov knows that each person is unique, and it's not enough to simply tell them what not to eat. By understanding their personal story and history, teaching them, and backing up strategies with proper laboratory assessments, we can make meaningful changes towards a healthier life. So don't lose hope - you have the power to improve your health and wellbeing.

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No more migraines

Before starting working with Dr. Zubkov I had a headache everyday, ocular migraines every couple of months and a foggy brain. Most days I would need to take a nap. After changing things in my environment and nutrition I no longer have headaches and it’s been over a year since I had a migraine. I feel that I am able to think clearer and sleep better at night. I have more energy and feel great!

functional medicine

Emily T.

No more brain fog

Dr. Zubkov was extremely helpful and reliable during my neurology appointments. His approach allowed me to make adjustments that helped my brain fog, and I can't thank him enough!

functional medicine

Ryan C.

More health

I am happy with Dr Zubkov’s approach to health care, some call it functional medicine other call it integrative medicine. I realize that it took years to get the health I have and for a long time my health was heading downhill and I will need to work harder to get better in the future. Dr Zubkov is a great health coach and I am lucky to have his approach in medicine.

functional medicine

Herb B.

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