Red light therapy is a safe and natural technique to address a variety of health and cosmetic issues. 

Red light therapy promotes speedier healing, reduces inflammation, improves scar appearance, and heals burns. It’s a non-invasive procedure you can do at home easily. The therapeutic benefits of red light therapy outperform other alternative treatments.

Such assertions are supported by clinical trials that have assured potential RLT users of the treatment’s safety. Red light treatment can replace standard healing procedures for surgical scars, wounds, and traumas. This regimen is trusted by reputable medical specialists such as aestheticians and dermatologists for its incredible therapeutic benefits.

How Exactly Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light works by causing a metabolic response in cells that enhances the mitochondria’s functions. The mitochondria are considered the cell’s powerhouse, producing all of the cell’s energy. ATP is the energy-carrying chemical found in all living creatures’ cells (adenosine triphosphate).

A cell can produce more ATP by boosting the function of the mitochondria via RLT. Cells can perform more efficiently, regenerate themselves, and repair damage if they have more energy.

Evidence-Based Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Since the first tests in space, hundreds of clinical investigations and thousands of laboratory research have investigated whether RLT has medicinal advantages. Here are the top benefits of RLT:

1. Improves Skin Complexion

Researchers in Germany conducted randomized, controlled research on 136 individuals. The respondents reported “substantially better skin complexion and skin sensation” after 30 treatment sessions of varying durations, including decreased roughness and thicker collagen.

2. Makes Scars Less Visible

A 2004 study of burn scars discovered that individuals treated with red light treatment had double the scarring reduction as those who did not utilize red light therapy. The treatments had no adverse effects on the patients, which is typical of red light therapy experiments.

3. Improve Post-Surgery Incision Healing

Recovering from invasive procedures, particularly those performed on the sternum and chest, causes significant pain and debilitation for millions of individuals each year. Prescription drugs and NSAIDS have a mixed reputation at best, with several dangers and adverse effects.

Fortunately, clinical evidence shows that red light treatment is a safe and effective natural pain and strain reliever, particularly in post-surgery recovery, where faster healing equals less health risk and lifestyle loss.

4. Accelerate Skin Regeneration

Skin regeneration is one of the processes involved in laser treatment for healing.

Red light treatment for injuries is the most effective because it promotes skin regeneration by increasing collagen formation, decreasing inflammation, and restoring new skin cells.

5. Reduce Inflammation From Burns

Almost every lab investigation on red light treatment and burn healing has found a substantial reduction in inflammation levels compared to placebo and control groups. Less inflammation means less pain and suffering during the burn recovery process. This is consistent with the relevant scientific findings on red light and inflammation reduction.


Red light therapy is a safer alternative treatment option that provides several health benefits. Using red light to cure surgical scars, wounds, and injuries is a broad notion that hundreds of clinical experiments and investigations have supported.

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