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For over 30 years, I have been particularly intrigued by the blending of both Eastern and Western medicines. However, gradually a shift occurred to the widely accepted traditional Western medicine approach which focuses on diagnosis and treating symptoms of illness and disease with drugs/medication. It was not until I was able to recognize, that these very same drugs/medications we as doctors continue to prescribe in an effort to control chronic disease are noneffective and rarely leads to any resolution. 

My medical training in Neurology has led me to a sub-specialization in Stroke Management and Neurocritical Care. Since entering clinical practice, I noticed a pattern emerge, younger patients presenting with the same illnesses and diseases as my elderly patients at increasingly alarming rate. What I am finding is drugs/medications alone cannot provide a long-term positive health result for those who become sick at an early age. As a result, I began immersing myself into integrative (functional) medicine. As I believe it is imperative to learn the root causes of dysfunction as it leads to better healing. Western medicine is not going anywhere as it is an irreplaceable asset in tackling acute disease in medicine today. During my career, I have saved and will continue to save countless lives utilizing various drugs/medications, simply put it is time to acknowledge that Western medicine is powerless in the face of chronic disease. 

Through extensive studies, it is apparent the only way to get my patients healthier is through empowerment. Providing my patients with knowledge essential to understanding their individual biology and then together concentrate on as many aspects as achievable. As formidable of an approach this is, it fails specify the underlying root causes of their issues. This is where I introduce the term environmental inputs. In my practice, I combine powerful knowledge of integrative medicine with the correction of environmental inputs, healthy lifestyles, individualized nutrition, hormone balancing, resolution of hidden infections and immune system enhancement in order to deliver outstanding results.

Mind Body Neurology

Mind Body Neurology was founded by Dr. Zubkov in 2019 as an online portal for clients who are interested in getting to the root cause of their metabolic deficits fast.

It done through comprehensive advanced laboratory assessment and several online meetings to go over lifestyle and nutrition to help you to achieve your health goals. 

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