I was extremely interested in the combination of Eastern and Western Medicine since I entered medical school over 30 years ago. Slowly, I switched to the traditional Western approach and continued to treat with drugs until I realized that they are not very effective and although allow to control chronic disease, they rarely lead to the resolution of those conditions. My neurology training lead me to the sub-specialization in the management of strokes and neurocritical care. After I entered my clinical practice, I started seeing young patients with the same diseases as my elderly and at increasing rate. I realized that medications alone will not provide long-term health for those who got sick at early age.

I have immersed myself into integrative, functional medicine for the past 10 years. Western medicine has its role and strength in addressing acute disease and I saved countless lives using this approach, but Western medicine is powerless in the face of chronic diseases.

As many other integrative medicine practitioners, I initially was focused on diet. The Paleo diet was just starting to be known. Very soon, I realized that it was not effective, as any other diets in isolation. In addition, my patients were not able to sustain those restricted diets in the long term.

Through extensive studies, I realized that the only way to get patients better was to empower them with the knowledge about their individual biology and address as many aspects of it as possible. This was a powerful approach, but it still was not clarifying the root causes of all their troubles. That is where environmental inputs came into play.

In my practice, I combine powerful knowledge of integrative medicine with the correction of environmental inputs, healthy lifestyles, individualized nutrition, hormone balancing, resolution of hidden infections and immune system enhancement in order to create outstanding results.

Mind Body Neurology

Mind Body Neurology was founded by Dr. Zubkov in 2019 as an online portal for clients who are interested in getting to the root cause of their metabolic deficits fast.

It done through comprehensive advanced laboratory assessment and several online meetings to go over lifestyle and nutrition to help you to achieve your health goals.