There are four things, which determine your heath:
Environment, Lifestyle, Mindset and Nutrition. 

Environment is one of the major reasons why your health is not getting better.  It is commonly not discussed by other practitioner. Environment is not only related to breathing clean air and drinking clean water, but also account how light, sounds are influencing your health. Electromagnetic fields have also major impact on your health, as well as your children's health.

 As a Balance protocol practitioner, I always  teach my patients about environment because of it's importance. 

Balance Protocol ENVIRO covers the first of eight keys of Balance Protocol to empower you with all the strategies and methods to optimize your environment

Air ~ Water ~ Light ~ Sound ~ EMF ~ Food

In just 6 weeks, you will learn a method
that will change the way you look at health forever!

Balance Protocol ENVIRO 2.0 is the ONLY research-backed and proven method that makes it EASY to understand how your specific body works and why you are a category of one.

Balance Protocol ENVIRO 2.0 can be accessed from computers, phones & tablets. 

Each weekly module includes an "insider guide" that is available to download and print. Each guide modules the course outline in colorful detail. It’s easy to follow along, take notes and access all program links. The insider guides are color coded so you know exactly which module you are currently working on.

Dr. Anthony G. Beck, Creator

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6 Weekly Modules

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As you progress through the program, you will be able to check off lessons and modules that are completed. This allows you to easily continue where you left off or repeat a lesson you feel you need to watch again. Education has never been so simple!

Dr. Beck has helped people all over the world optimize environmental inputs know as AIR, WATER, LIGHT, SOUND, EMF & FOOD. All six are the absolute foundation and the first approach to any journey that you go on to get the most out of your health. 

Out there in the info space there is so much conflicting information and the number one thing Dr. Beck has been asked is "Who do I believe?"  This is his promise... 

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