Electromagnetic radiation has multiple different frequencies and types and require different types of meters. Radiofrequency (RF) meters are designed to detect WIFI, Cellular and Bluetooth signals. Gaussmeters are designed for magnetic field detection. 

One of the most dangerous and less appreciated types of EMF increases our body voltage and interfere in inner working of our cells. There are ways to properly measure and mitigate it's deleterious effects. 

Dirty Electricity if rarely spoken about, but considerably contributes to abnormal body voltage. 

Testing tools

Radio Frequency

Easy to Use With a Wide RF Measurement Range 

Includes an extended frequency range which measures radio frequency / microwave radiation (200 MHz – 8.0 GHz).

Also includes audio signal analysis, LCD displays peak and average values, Led indicators displays a quick visual of RF intensity.

The Acoustimeter AM-11 is a reliable, user friendly RF meter which enables you to make quick and informed decisions regarding the level and source of radio frequency signals in your environment.

It comes equipped with two series of graduated LED lights and an OLED display offering precise measurements with a lower update speed, giving you time to take note of the readings.

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Magnetic Fields

Most Economical 3D Gaussmeter

This digital Gaussmeter is used to measure AC Magnetic Fields across 1 axis for source location or 3 axis simultaneously for total exposure measurements.

The UHS2 measures frequencies between 13 Hz to 75 000 Hz (75kHz).


  • Wide Frequency Detection Range 13 Hz to 75 kHz (75 000 Hz)
  • Offers the option to measure with 3-axis simultaneously or 1-axis to aid in locating sources
  • Capture Magnetic Fields from all low frequency polluters, sources such as all standard household appliances, electrical wiring and wiring errors, power lines and transformers
  • Identifies higher frequency sources such as all energy efficient appliances, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting, dimmer switches and computer monitors
  • Option to isolate and quantify the higher frequency signals (1kHz - 75 kHz)
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Body Voltage Measurements

Proster Autoranging Multimeter 6000

This digital multifunctional multimeter with high precision and high performance can measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty ratio, temperature. It also can test NCV(non-contact voltage), diode, transistor and continuity. With a bracket on the back, convenient to place it on the table and read the values.

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Rio RV2735 Rid-Volt Titanium Grounding Probe

This cord is required for proper measurement of body voltage

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Bastex Socket Tester with GFCI check

  • GENERAL USAGE: The Bastex socket tester allows electricians, handymen or the DIYer to properly check for correct wiring on US power outlets. The outlet tester is used to verify that the outlet can provide power to a device plugged into it. Also, allows for the check of trip function for GFCI. Colorful and bright Readouts will guarantee the correct diagnosis every time
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Made with standard U.S. Sockets in mind. The indicator legend is included on the tester for quick analysis. Includes a clear light up read out to properly diagnose correct or incorrect wiring for receptacles. Made standard for 110- 120V AC Outlets. Frequency (Hertz) 60Hz
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KAIWEETS Voltage Tester/Non-Contact Voltage Tester

  • SAFETY FIRST: It will send out multiple alarms through sound and light. When the voltage is detected, the tip will send out red light and beep. When the higher the sensed voltage is, or the closer it is to the voltage source, it beeps at a higher frequency. At the same time, the screen will be red or green, red means high voltage and live wire are detected, green means low voltage and null wire are detected.
  • NON-CONTACT: With NCV inductive probe for AC voltage; Just place the tip near a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord. When the tip glows red and the pen beeps, you know there's voltage present. The live wire detector can automatically detect the live or neutral wire. Ideal for breakpoint Test. Handy circuit tester for electricians, homeowners.
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Dirty Electricity

EMI (Dirty Electricity) Meter

This basic, easy-to-use meter measures the amount of dirty electricity (a.k.a. electrical noise, line noise, EMI) present on the wiring in buildings. Find out how much of this electrical pollution is on your wiring at home, work etc. See the difference Greenwave filters make in reducing it.

Compatible with 50/60-Hz electrical circuits with voltage anywhere between 100V and 240V. Will come with a plug suitable for the electrical outlets in your environment.

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Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter

Greenwave filters are designed to significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity present on the wiring in homes and other buildings. The less unhealthy dirty electricity there is flowing along building wires, the less that will radiate into your environment.

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EMF Mitigation

Computer grounding cords

Triple Plug Outlet Adapter with On/Off Switch

Most household electronics consume power even when turned off. This includes TV, laptop, tablet, phone chargers, speakers, appliances, etc.

his triple plug power adaptor makes it easy to turn on/off power when not in use without unplugging and eliminating wasted energy.

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3 Prong Grounded Single Port Power Adapter

 Perfect for devices and peripherals without built-in on/off switch. Also great for switching hard-to-reach lights or appliances that do not have a switch.

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Luxtronic Grounded Power Adapter Switch

  • Quickly Turn On/Off Lights and Appliances - Rather than constantly plugging and unplugging a cord from the wall, this outlet plug offers a quick, easy way to switch power ON and OFF for household appliances and holiday lights. Perfect for devices and peripherals without built-in on/off switches.
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