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We work with people across the globe and show them how to correct their environment, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition.


We do not use a cookie cutter approach. Our management is based on your individual story, advanced laboratory data, and response.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Advanced functional medicine laboratory assessments of cellular metabolism, gut biome, food intolerance, and others.

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Functional Medicine for Residents of the Minnetonka, MN, Area


 Minnetonka, MN, area residents looking for integrative, functional medicine near me will be pleased to know we can help!  We offer a patient-centered and science-based approach to chronic disease management and healthcare to local residents who schedule a consultation on our website.

 Dr. Zubkov, MD, PhD, is a neurologist who has practiced medicine for several decades and integrative medicine for more than a decade and holds a PhD in Human Physiology.  With his extensive education, he provides integrative, functional medicine using a personalized combination of environmental changes with a correction of biochemistry and metabolism based on laboratory and environmental testing.

 We look beyond symptom resolution to find the root cause of health challenges and create outstanding results.  Our approach to applying functional medicine begins with a personalized evaluation program that creates a precise plan of action for people to live and feel better, referred to as our Metabolic Code®, a complete solution to managing your:

 ·         Health

·         Lifestyle

·         Metabolism

 If you are searching the local area to find functional medicine near me, you can join our 100% virtual services to learn how to correct your environment, lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition.


Visit us online to schedule a consultation.  We can help optimize your health by resolving the root causes of your health challenges.

Integrative Medicine That Focuses on the Whole Person

 Integrative medicine is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focusing on the whole person to achieve optimal health and healing.

 We believe that every person is unique, requiring a tailored approach to the management of chronic conditions.  Dr. Zubkov provides a personalized combination of environmental changes with a correction of biochemistry and metabolism based on laboratory and environmental testing.  We base our management on your individual story, advanced laboratory data, and response.

 We combine formidable knowledge of integrative medicine with the correction of environmental inputs for patients in Minnetonka:

 ·         Healthy lifestyles

·         Individualized nutrition

·         Hormone balancing

·         Resolution of hidden infections

·         Immune system enhancement

 Using functional and integrative medicine provides a comprehensive approach to care for Minnetonka patients by examining the root cause of chronic disease and considering their lifestyle, medical history, and mental and spiritual well-being.

 Visit our website to schedule a consultation.  Our goal with integrative medicine is to improve the health of the whole person by considering all available therapies using an evidence-based approach.


Integrative Neurology – Addressing All Aspects of Your Health

 Integrative neurology is a collaboration of practices to find new ways of treating neurological diseases and related disorders.

 We address all aspects of your health and analyze the relationships among systems using integrative neurology as a better way to treat patients in Minnetonka.  When one part of your system breaks or fails, it places a strain on other systems.

 Using integrative neurology, we help patients in Minnetonka resolve their health challenges through correction of their:

 ·         Environment

·         Lifestyle

·         Mindset

·         Nutrition

 We regularly use integrative neurology to treat neurological diseases and related issues such as stroke disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, neurological-related conditions, as well as brain and general health.


Visit the website of Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhD, to learn more about the power of integrative neurology and our patient-centered care.