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100% Virtual

We work with people across the globe and show them how to correct their environment, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition.


We do not use a cookie cutter approach. Our management is based on your individual story, advanced laboratory data, and response.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Advanced functional medicine laboratory assessments of cellular metabolism, gut biome, food intolerance, and others.

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Functional Medicine for Residents of the Wayzata, MN, Area


If you have been searching for someone who provides functional medicine near me in the Wayzata, MN, area, we encourage you to schedule a consultation on our website to learn how we can help.

We use a patient-centered and science-based approach to chronic disease management and healthcare by applying functional medicine to find the root cause of health challenges.

Dr. Zubkov, MD, PhD, has practiced medicine for decades. As a neurologist, Dr. Zubkov has practiced integrative medicine, integrative neurology, and functional medicine for more than a decade and holds a PhD in Human Physiology.  With his extensive education, he incorporates a personalized combination of environmental changes with a correction of biochemistry and metabolism based on laboratory and environmental testing.

We gain a comprehensive perspective of the patient’s health issues to facilitate a discussion of chronic disease with our patient using a functional medicine matrix elicited by personal, social, family, and medical history.  Dr. Zubkov uses functional medicine to look beyond symptom resolution to find the root cause and create results for health challenges through correction of your:

 ·         Environment

·         Lifestyle

·         Mindset

·         Nutrition

Visit us online to schedule a consultation.  We work globally with 100% virtual services offering ways for local residents searching for functional medicine near me to optimize their health with individualized treatments that address specific causes. 

Integrative Medicine That Focuses on the Whole Person

Our integrative medicine program for Wayzata patients focuses on the whole person using a combination of therapies and lifestyle changes to treat many health challenges and diseases.

We use a tailored approach to managing chronic conditions because we believe every person is unique.  Our Integrative medicine embraces the belief that your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs affect your health and wellness.

The doctor combines his formidable knowledge of integrative medicine with the correction of environmental inputs to achieve optimal health and healing for patients in Wayzata:

·         Individualized nutrition

·         Hormone balancing

·         Healthy lifestyles

·         Immune system enhancement

·         Resolution of hidden infections

Visit our website to schedule a consultation.  We will define our goal as equal partners in your healing process with functional and integrative medicine as a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health and healing.


Integrative Neurology – Addressing All Aspects of Your Health

Dr. Zubkov, MD, Ph.D., practices integrative neurology to address the disease, symptoms, origins, and patient quality of life to improve functionality.

He addresses underlying causes of diseases and trauma, such as brain injury, headaches, strokes, and other difficult-to-treat neurological disorders, with integrative neurology to resolve chronic health conditions for patients in Wayzata rather than control the symptoms.

We evaluate all aspects of your health using a combination of integrative neurology and therapies to influence the outcomes of diseases and health challenges through the correction of your environment, mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle.  Our LifeGuard programs examine your metabolism, food/chemical tolerances, gut function, lifestyle, and nutrition to achieve health and wellness. 

We work with people using 100% virtual services across the globe to provide integrative neurology practices as a better way to treat patients in Wayzata.  These are our featured programs:

 ·         Stroke diet

·         Metabolic Code® report to determine metabolic deficiencies

·         Balance Protocol Enviro

·         LifeGuard programs - Advanced metabolic testing

Visit the website of Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhD, to schedule a consultation to learn more about the power of integrative neurology!