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Metabolic Code® is the complete solution to managing your health, lifestyle and metabolism.

As a “Lifestyle Transformation” program, Metabolic Code addresses the common issues that people deal with every day related to self care and an aspirational way of living.

Our personalized evaluation program creates a precise plan of action for people to live and feel better.

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Step 1
Take the Assessment

Get started by taking the Metabolic Code Assessment. Ask your healthcare practitioner or wellness coach.

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Step 2
Get Your Personal Report

Receive and review your personalized, comprehensive Metabolic Code Report.

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Step 3
Follow Your Program

Follow your recommended lifestyle transformation plan.

Get Your Personalized Program

Experience what so many others have done to rapidly improve their health and vitality long-term. Get your personalized Metabolic Code® Report and find out what your metabolic deficiencies are while learning how to correct them. We have lifestyle programs created for people with all types of goals and dietary needs.

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TRIADs Are Your Key to Success

Your Personal Combination to Health and Vitality

Metabolic Code® organizes clinical information into 5 proprietary domains called TRIADs. Each TRIAD is comprised of 3 interrelated organ systems to display complex patient data in a comprehensive, elegant yet simple report that patients love.

Questionnaire responses, biometrics, and laboratory results are analyzed through thousands of algorithms and data is displayed across these 5 TRIADs to form the basis of our amazing Metabolic Code® report.

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TRIAD 1: Energy

Adrenal • Thyroid • Pancreas

Discover the symbiotic relationship between important hormones that influence energy production within the body.

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TRIAD 2: Resiliency

Gut • Immune • Brain 

These interrelated, intelligent systems are critical to nutritional, immunologic, and mental health.

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TRIAD 3: Endurance

Cardio • Pulmonary • Neuro-Vascular

Encapsulates the multilayered connections between of the mind, brain, cardiovascular tree, and respiratory cycle.

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TRIAD 4: Detoxification

Liver • Lymph • Kidneys 
Promotes elimination of toxic waste through proper detoxification processes.
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TRIAD 5: Potency

Testosterone • Estrogen • Progesterone 

Finds balance across the life cycle through proper functioning of reproductive hormones

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