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Master Class: Hunger, Hormones & Weight loss

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About this event

Master Class: Hunger, Hormones & Weight loss

Weight gain is not about calories in and calories out. Our weight management depends on numerous factors, such as sleep, stress, quality of the food, our environment. All those factors will cause changes in hormones, which in turn command our body to gain weight. 

What we'll cover:

What causes strokes?
Why hasn's obesity been taken seriously in the medical community?
How stress causes weigth gain?
Do anti-depressant pills affect weight gain?
How to stop overeating?
Which hormones control hunger?
3 biggest lies about losing weight
Role of inflammation in weight gain.
Role of circadian rhythms
And So Much More

Mind Body Neurology

Integrative Neurology approach to our health.

Healthy brain cannot exist without healthy body.

Webinar host

Alexander Y. Zubkov

Integrative Neurologist with extensive experience in management of patient using both western medicine and integrative medicine. 

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