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Master Class: Hunger, Hormones & Weight loss

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Master Class: Hunger, Hormones & Weight loss

Weight gain is not about calories in and calories out. Our weight management depends on numerous factors, such as sleep, stress, quality of the food, our environment. All those factors will cause changes in hormones, which in turn command our body to gain weight. 

What we'll cover:

What causes strokes?
Why hasn's obesity been taken seriously in the medical community?
How stress causes weigth gain?
Do anti-depressant pills affect weight gain?
How to stop overeating?
Which hormones control hunger?
3 biggest lies about losing weight
Role of inflammation in weight gain.
Role of circadian rhythms
And So Much More

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Integrative Neurology approach to our health.

Healthy brain cannot exist without healthy body.

Webinar host

Alexander Y. Zubkov

Integrative Neurologist with extensive experience in management of patient using both western medicine and integrative medicine. 

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Inna Timshina
Inna Timshina

Just left us a 5 star review

I've been Dr. Zubkov's patient for well over a year now. He is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and not afraid to tackle complex cases. What I appreciate most is his ability to think outside the box, both with traditional medicine and functional medicine. He can be very resourceful when digging up root causes of illness and putting together tailor made treatment plans. I highly recommend him!

Dr. Zubkov has a tremendous amount of knowledge In both the medicine and holistic world; he knows that each patient needs their own unique approach to achieve complete health and wellness. He goes above and beyond in helping those with difficult health issues that can not be cured with a single pill. Through his guidance and care, I have realized how much our lifestyle and gut health truly affects our overall well-being. Prior to being his patient, I have gone through several doctors complaining of sudden, severe brain fog and fatigue, despite many tests coming back ‘normal.’ They dismissed me and said that I am probably going through depression, despite never having clinical depression before. While I was under Dr. Zubkov’s care, he listened to everything I had to say and didn’t give up on figuring out what changes need to be made, or how my health can improve. Through his teachings and expertise, I have found out that poor gut health can lead to many neurological problems, and it is often overlooked by Doctors. That is what I found especially unique about Dr. Zubkov, that I rarely experienced in Doctors prior to him. Thanks to him, I am making huge progress and have since improved my health. His co-workers have also said that he is especially good at catching rare diseases. For anyone considering being a patient under Dr. Zubkov’s care, you must know that the majority of your health will depend on how much you are willing, and dedicated to make changes in your lifestyle. He understands that a patient’s long-term health is just as important as their current health. His goal is to make sure his patients will never give up on improving their health, so that issues don’t arise later in life; which should be the goal of every good Doctor so that we can stay out of hospitals as much as possible. The lifestyle changes I have made were not easy, but I feel significantly better than before being his patient. Put in the work, and you will be guaranteed success. He is by far the most knowledgeable, caring, best Doctor I have had. Highly recommend!

Dr. Zubkov is one of the few neurologists around who takes an integrated approach. I’ve had a condition for over a decade, and too many neurologists just run a few tests and try to see if the latest drugs result in improvement. Dr. Zubkov enjoys figuring out the root cause(s) and not just treating symptoms.

Dr. Zubkov was extremely helpful and reliable during my neurology appointments. His approach allowed me to make adjustments that helped my brain fog, and I can't thank him enough!

Dr Zubkov is an amazing, compassionate doctor. I was diagnosed with a rare disorder and was struggling miserably and he helped me through it. He has a functional, integrated approach that is/was exactly what I needed. I have found many doctors just want to treat the symptoms. Doctor Zubkov helps you find the underlying cause. I will be forever grateful to him for helping me get my health back!

We searched for a doctor who could help us optimize our daughter’s health and well being. Our daughter has autism and epilepsy. Dr. Z has incredible knowledge from both the western medical perspective and the functional medicine perspective and we appreciated his years of experience. His knowledge helped us optimize not only our daughter’s health, but also our own. Through environmental changes, diet changes, and habit changes, our daughter has exhibited incredible progress in her therapy sessions and continues to surprise us daily. My husband and I feel more energized with our healthier lifestyle as well. Working with Dr. Z not only benefitted our daughter, but our entire family. We are so grateful! We have more work to do, but we can’t wait to see the benefits as we continue.