No more brain fog

Dr. Zubkov was extremely helpful and reliable during my neurology appointments. His approach allowed me to make adjustments that helped my brain fog, and I can't thank him enough!

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No more migraines

Before starting working with Dr. Zubkov I had a headache everyday, ocular migraines every couple of months and a foggy brain. Most days I would need to take a nap. After changing things in my environment and nutrition I no longer have headaches and it’s been over a year since I had a migraine. I feel that I am able to think clearer and sleep better at night. I have more energy and feel great!

functional medicine


The whole family is healthier

We searched for a doctor who could help us optimize our daughter’s health and well being. Our daughter has autism and epilepsy. Dr. Z has incredible knowledge from both the western medical perspective and the functional medicine perspective and we appreciated his years of experience. His knowledge helped us optimize not only our daughter’s health, but also our own. Through environmental changes, diet changes, and habit changes, our daughter has exhibited incredible progress in her therapy sessions and continues to surprise us daily. My husband and I feel more energized with our healthier lifestyle as well. Working with Dr. Z not only benefitted our daughter, but our entire family. We are so grateful! We have more work to do, but we can’t wait to see the benefits as we continue.

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More energy

Working with Dr. Zubkov is an exciting journey toward health! You get the rare opportunity to discover your own unique needs for improved health and well-being and how to fulfill those needs. Dr. Zubkov’s expertise as a neurologist and in integrative medicine are a powerful combination. This process takes a lot of focus and learning—and is well worth it.

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Rare disorder remission

Every once in a while you find an amazing doctor that not only is able to fix your symptoms but has the mindset to be able to determine the cause of them and help you fix the underlying cause. Dr. Zubkov is one of those. I have worked with Dr. Zubkov for several years due to a rare brain disorder. This disorder was one in which doctors either did not want to help treat or know how to conquer. Doctor Z not only took me in as a client/patient but helped me conquer my disorder. I have not only put my disorder in remission but I have not felt this wonderful in years. I will forever be thankful that I took a chance and made an appointment with Doctor Z , and eternally grateful for the compassion he showed me and the positive impact he has had on my life.

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More health

I am happy with Dr Zubkov’s approach to health care, some call it functional medicine other call it integrative medicine. I realize that it took years to get the health I have and for a long time my health was heading downhill and I will need to work harder to get better in the future. Dr Zubkov is a great health coach and I am lucky to have his approach in medicine.

functional medicine


Feeling Great!

I began working with Dr. Zubkov one year ago to address frequent headaches and GI troubles that my conventional doctors could not solve. Through changes in diet, lifestyle and environment these problems have been relieved without medication. My overall health has improved with increased energy and better sleep. Dr. Zubkov was wonderful to work with and I’m grateful for his expertise and encouragement!

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